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Individuals who take this exam hold either a Master’s degree or one higher in the field of addiction related behavioral health. The test further polishes their knowledge, making them extremely well-versed in identifying, treating, and understanding substance use disorders. In addition to this, they also become proficient in the understanding of co-occurring mental health disorders.

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Clinical Supervision Exam Prep Day 3

COURSE OVERVIEW Outline: Administrative Responsibilities Program Development and Quality Assurance Efficient and comprehensive record-keeping of supervision activities COURSE OBJECTIVES After attending this course, participants will be able to: Explain the responsibilities of Clinical Supervisors in Program Development and Quality Assurance. …


Clinical Supervision Exam Prep Day 4

COURSE OVERVIEW COURSE OUTLINE Overview of NAADAC Ethical Code Professional and Ethical Standards Treatment Knowledge Sample Test Questions COURSE OBJECTIVES TRAINING OBJECTIVES Discuss Professional and Ethical Standards. Describe the Purpose of Professional and Ethical Standards. Explain Tap 21 competencies 5-8 …