Sexual Trauma: Spiritual Psychological Approach

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Note:  There was a minor technical issue during the session on the presenter’s side due to an internet connection.  The audio was not stable in a few parts of the session.


Sexual trauma is more rampant than we ever imagined. This epidemic has created silence and anxiety in even the most “powerful” women (and men) in our culture and enhanced the shame, guilt, and unworthiness in the victims that have survived this kind of trauma. The good news is that the silence is breaking, perpetrators are being held accountable and there is a strong movement towards wholeness, healing, and respect for those who have been victimized. In this training, participants will more deeply understand the “inner split” created by sexual trauma and learn spiritual/psychological approaches to help heal this split-once and for all. How to help your clients move from the victim stage to an empowerment model will also be covered.


After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the Split associated with sexual trauma and tools for integration.
  • Develop a basic understanding of the trauma vortex.
  • Discuss the introduction to psycho-spiritual tools that help clients move out of the trauma vortex.
  • Describe the movement from the victim stage to the empowerment stage for healing.
Target Audience: Psychologists, Social Workers, Addiction Counselors, & Licensed Professional Counselors
Content level: Beginner to intermediate
2 CE hour credits approved by ASWB, NAADAC,  & NBCC
State Board Approval
TX 2041-19
ADACBGA # 19-12-17-1212
FCB # 5387-A
VCB EP # 143
OCDPB # 20 – 755944 (R1)

Course Features

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      Sexual Trauma: Spiritual Psychological Approach
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      Sexual Trauma: Spiritual Psychological Approach
Dr. Shannon D. South, aka the “Joy Doctor”, is an award-winning therapist, an Amazon best-selling author, and an inspirational speaker. As an expert in the field of spirituality and healing trauma for over 20 years, she knows how to assist people in finding wholeness and joy naturally. In 1994, Shannon had a spiritual experience during meditation that healed her debilitating anxiety and depression permanently. Since this transformative experience, Shannon has helped thousands of clients connect to their most loving and joy-filled selves. Shannon is the founder of the Ignite! programs and the “Joy IQ” self-assessment tool. She is a sought out, international trainer helping coaches, counselors and chaplains integrate Spirit and Soul into their practice. Her upcoming book, Ignite! Turn off the Chaos. Turn on the Joy. is a roadmap to this unique, healing process. Shannon loves dancing, being in nature, and enjoying her family and friends.