Neuroscience for Mental Health Providers Part One

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See your treatment interventions through a whole new lens.  The field of neuroscience has been turned upside down over the last 20 years.  What we used to think was fixed and hard-wired, we now know that the adult brain is constantly changing based on how we use it.   This means that the mental health interventions you’ve been using your whole career are actually leading to lasting brain changes.  Dr. Sherrie All, a trained neuropsychologist who has built her career on providing neuroplastic interventions to adults, will guide you through what’s going on in the brain during therapy.  Her fun and engaging presentation style make learning technical neuroscience fun.


  • Communicate how an understanding of neuroscientific research and neurological processes can help mental health professionals improve clinical outcomes.
  • Employ psychoeducation techniques that improve engagement in therapy by making neuroscience and neurobiology understandable for clients.
  • Analyze how neural pathways regulating stress and reward are related to mental health disorders, and connect this information to your utilization of therapeutic interventions to reduce stress and manage addiction.
  • Investigate how mindfulness and meditation impact the nervous system and articulate how mindfulness interventions can be used in your treatment plans for depression.
Target Audience: Psychologists, Social Workers, Addiction Counselors, LMFT, & Licensed Professional Counselors
Content level: Beginner to intermediate
2 CE hour credits approved by
ASWB # 1706, NAADAC # 139138 & NBCC # 6703
State Board Approval
ADACBGA # 19-12-17-1212
FCB # 5387-A
OCDP Board Sponsor # 50-29024
CE Broker Tracking # 50-29024

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  • Duration 2 hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
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      Neuroscience for Mental Health Providers Part One
    • Lecture.1
      Neuroscience for Mental Health Providers Part One
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      Neuroscience for Mental Health Providers Part One 15 questions

Sherrie All, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologists, a neuropsychologist and an engaging speaker and writer whose expertise in the principles of neuroscience, functional neuroanatomy, and diagnostics give her a unique insight into the correlation between mental health disorders, therapeutic approaches, and what happens in the brain itself.

Dr. All is the owner of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness where she combines her strong background in CBT with mindfulness techniques, motivational interviewing, and dynamic interpretations to help her clients manage depression, stress, anxiety, mental illness, and cognitive challenges. A trained neuropsychologist who received her Ph.D. from Rosalind Franklin University, she also brings her detailed understanding of the brain to uniquely address the needs of people with traumatic brain injuries, dementia, and other conditions.