Simply pick the course that you would like to attend then hit “Add to Cart” button followed by “view cart” button then proceed to checkout.  After entering your credit card information then you have to create an account.

Yes, we accept all major forms of credit cards, including visa, master card, discover, American Express, and Paypal.  For alternate payment options, please contact us.

Course interaction & system requirements

Our live webinars work on any devices such as desktop with speakers and laptop high-speed internet or good wi-fi connection.  Tablets and even smartphones can be used also with Zoom apps required.

Once you purchased the training that you desired and creating your account click on the title of the training that you just purchased OR want to attend, then click on the title of the training that has a webinar link on it then it will take you to the page that has a link to join the training.  We also email the link to all participants 24 hours prior to the live session.

Yes, participants are encouraged to ask questions or make comments during the live webinar.  We provided two ways to interact with the presenter and other participants. First, simply click on the “Chat” icon and type in your comments and questions then send it to “All panelists and Attendees”.  Second, please click the “Raise Hand”  button and the host will unmute your microphone.

Yes, E Care Behavioral Health Institute has lines open before the sessions begin. If you are having trouble joining in a webinar please call our live technical support @ 1. 888. 799. 0125 then select option 1. Make sure that you have the Meeting ID ready which you can find from the webinar link.

If you get disconnected during a live webinar please log in to your account on our website and click on the link again. We recommend that you do not share the webinar link with another because it may cause your call or connection to drop and your registration could be automatically forfeited.

Yes!  For live webinar, we send the Powerpoint presentations on the day of the training.  Please always check your junk mail if it’s not in your inbox.  For the recorded webinar pp presentation will be available upon request.

Yes. You can tell it’s secure because it has a slightly different start to the URL – “HTTPS” or “https”. … This indicates that you have established an SSL session through https secured URL.

Purchases & Refunds

Absolutely. We give you a 100% percent refund back to your account 48 hours prior to the training date. To request a refund Just send us an email to and please reference the title of the training from your purchase

You can also transfer your registration to a different training with the same value.

If on the other hand, you simply want to get help with a course you purchased, be sure to mention the name of the course and supply us with your telephone number, in case your email address is non-responsive.

No.  Because participant is able to print or download the certificate of completion after purchasing a recorded webinar and training material(s) has already been sent.

There is no registration deadline and can register on the day of the webinar.

To earn CE credit, for live webinars all participants must log in at the scheduled time, attend the entire session and complete an online course evaluation.  For recorded webinars participants  must complete the course evaluation and pass the quiz.

E Care BHI does not give partial credit. Participants must log in at the scheduled time and attend the entire course.

After the live webinar is over, you will receive the course evaluation.  Your certificate will be emailed to you within 48 hours upon the completion of the course evaluation.

After watching the recorded webinar training it will prompt you to take a quiz. Once you pass the quiz it will prompt you to complete the course evaluation.  Once you get done hit completed and it will take you to the certificate page.  From there you will be able to print or download your certificate.

Note:  If your name is not written correctly on the certificate you can change it by clicking on PROFILE then click on settings.  From there you will be able to change the name you want on your certificate.

If your name is not written correctly on the certificate you can change it by clicking on USER PROFILE then click on settings.  From there you will be able to change the name you want on your certificate OR email us and we would be happy to reset it for you.

Recorded webinar training will automatically be added to your account within 3 business days. You can view it at your leisure time and will be stored in your account for 60 days. However, you will be required to take a 15 questions quiz for each 2- hour recorded webinar and a 30 questions quiz per each 3-hour webinar in a multiple-choice format. You will need to pass the quiz with the least score of 80% to earn your certificate. You can take the quiz as many times as needed to pass.

* Note: Recorded or archived webinars do not count as live OR interactive, therefore the credit will only count as home study.

You can take it as many times as necessary to pass the test.

When you purchase one of our Home Study Videos or recorded webinars, you provide an email address and password. Whenever you want to view your Home Study Videos, you go to our website and sign in on our Home Page, using the email address and password you created to register. You will immediately be taken to your “My Webinars” page. You will see the Home Study Videos that you purchased and can click “View Webinar,” “Complete and pass the quiz.”

Click “View Webinar” to begin watching your video. You can view our Home Study Videos or recorded webinars from your computer, iPad, or smart phone.  The recording will be stored in your account for 90 days.

If you require special needs please, contact Dr. Rawson Carlin @ 704-883-6615 or email us at

Please contact our training director Dr. Rawson Carlin @ 704-883-6615.  We would be happy to assist you and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Still have a question?

Send us a message using the form below. Please provide a complete description of the issue and any related details you are able to give (course titles, dates, order numbers, etc.) we can usually help you more quickly when we have more information.
If you prefer a response from us by telephone, please include your time zone as well as a few times to call and we will attempt to accommodate your schedule.