Jon Speckman, LCAS, ICAADC

Jon Speckman is a professional consultant, trainer and a substance abuse clinician. He is President and CEO of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Testing Centers, Inc.(ADATC) a national training and consulting firm working with corporations, municipalities and other organizations on drug free workplaces and compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. He helps focus employers on ways to prevent the negative affects of substance abuse from entering the workplace. Additionally through Heart Heart Heart Heart Employee Assistance, he provides employers a professional programs to find healthy solutions for employees distracted at work by personal issues outside the workplace. He holds a Masters Degree in Management of Substance Abuse Programs, is a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and an Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselor. He also serves as a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional conducting clinical evaluations on individuals who have violated the US DOT alcohol and drug regulations. 

He is an expert in the U.S. Department of Transportation rules and regulations governing aviation, transit, trucking and pipeline employers, assisting them with developing and implementing policies, programs and procedures to comply with the testing and safety regulations. He regularly audits service providers who conduct urine collection and breath alcohol testing for compliance with testing protocols. Additionally he conducts public and corporate training of supervisors and managers on recognizing performance and behavioral issues of workers, necessitating reasonable suspicion alcohol or drug testing. He trains a wide range of professionals, including attorneys, clinicians and medical staffs, on drug free workplace procedures and in the training of Drug Specimen Collectors, Breath Alcohol Technicians and Substance Abuse Professionals. 

Since 1989 Mr. Speckman has assisted hundreds of organizations with instituting effective Drug Free Workplace Programs and Employee Assistance services. He contributes at both the state and national levels in advising on workplace testing issues. His work with the National Alliance of Model State Drug Laws as their testing and employee assistance service provider and group facilitator contributed to the national effort to assist states develop model drug laws. He has over 35+ years of professional clinical experience in the field of substance abuse. He served 14 years at a large 52 bed Detox Center the last 9 years as the Executive Director. Additionally he served as Interim Director for Mental Health Services, responsible for a full 66-bed inpatient acute psychiatric hospital and an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic with a staff of some 215 professional, paraprofessional and technical staff. Mr. Speckman served as a member, and a past Chairman, of the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Certification Board, the State Board which certified (now licenses) all Substance Abuse Professionals in North Carolina. He is a member of the NC and national Employee Assistance Professional’s Association.