Dr. Stephen Mathis, Psy.D, CCADC, CCS, MAC

Dr. Stephen Mathis is a licensed psychologist and internationally certified addictions counselor with over four decades of experience working with adolescents, young and middle adults, and families/couples. His innovative approach to therapy includes providing assessments such as psychoeducational, forensic, cognitive, emotional, neurological, and personological, in addition to individual psychotherapy and group therapy. Dr. Mathis is also an adjunct/part-time faculty member at several colleges and training institutes, where he shares his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of mental health professionals.

Recognizing the importance of providing flexible care, Dr. Mathis is one of the few clinicians who work on weekends and makes house calls. He also conducts seminars and workshops nationwide, supervises other therapists, and consults with various professionals and organizations.

Dr. Mathis is passionate about developing new forms of therapy that can benefit his clients. He has pioneered a new form of music-assisted therapy (M.A.TH.I.S.), which combines his love of music with his knowledge of psychology to help clients achieve positive therapeutic outcomes.

In addition to his work as a therapist and educator, Dr. Mathis is also an advocate for healthy living. He adheres to a holistic dietary regimen, making the majority of his meals from scratch without using refined or artificial ingredients or simple carbohydrates. He also leads an illicit substance-free existence and encourages his patients to do the same.

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