Social workers are responsible for helping individuals, families, and groups of people cope with problems they’re facing in an attempt to improve their lives. One aspect of this is teaching their patients the skills and developing mechanisms for them to rely on to better their lives and experiences. They help individuals handle everyday life problems, particularly assisting clients who face issues caused by neglect, abuse, domestic violence, mental health, and/or parental substance abuse. Clinical social workers may also diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.

There are seven types of social workers that help specific populations:

  • Healthcare social worker
  • Substance abuse social worker
  • Child, family & school social worker
  • Hospice & palliative care social worker
  • Psychiatric social worker
  • Military & Veterans social worker
  • Community social worker

Continuing Education Advice for Social Workers

Maintaining a social work license requires more than just filing paperwork every two years. Licensing boards recognize the importance of lifelong learning to the social work profession. Social workers in all areas of practice can benefit from continuing coursework in familiar subjects, or from an exploration of new topics.

Continuing education requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another; some boards require only a specific number of hours, while others mandate continuing education in social work ethics, substance abuse, or domestic violence. Each jurisdiction has final approval on any continuing education course from any source on any subject. It is your responsibility as a regulated social work professional to contact your board and verify that your continuing education plans meet your board’s requirements.

CEUs for Social Workers

At E Care Behavioral Institute, we offer comprehensive training for social workers. Our CEUs are designed to help social workers continue their education and learn new and more effective intervention techniques and practices.

With our CE courses, we aim to address several topics pertaining to the field of social work and welfare. This helps licensed clinical social workers stay updated with the latest technologies, developments, and methods used in their specific field.

What makes our CEUs for social workers even more useful is the fact that they’re administered online through live webinars, making it easy and convenient for our students to attend these training sessions from the comfort of their own home.

With our recorded as well as live webinars, we offer an interactive learning environment and online educational opportunities across North Carolina. These webinars are designed by our team of professionals and facilitate quality training. Our online education system has opened new doors for individuals who wish to further expand and improve their knowledge in an economical way.

To learn more about our courses and training for social workers, get in touch with our team now! You can reach out to us by calling at 704 883 6615 or emailing at