AADC Practice Exam: What You Need To Know

AAPC Practice Exam: What You Need To Know

The American Academy of Professional Coders provides training and certification and conducts a CPC exam which is one of the most distinguished medical coding certificates for healthcare professionals.

Getting this certification gives you a competitive edge and allows you to increase your chances of being hired as a mental health professional in any kind of organization.

How do I get a CPC credential?

There are four essential things that each candidate must be able to show in order to get the necessary credential for CPC. These include:

  • Demonstrating sufficient knowledge of a range of services including management and evaluation, surgery, radiology, pathology, medicine and anesthesia.
  • Be aware of comprehensive and relevant coding guides and regulations
  • Possess the terminology for anatomy, physiology and medical terms to provide the accurate codes for diagnosis and services.
  • Know how to integrate the relevant codes in case of changes in payment policy and reimbursement scenarios.

mental health professionalsHow does one achieve these?

In order to achieve the aforementioned steps, you have to do the following four steps.

  1. Take the CPC exam and get a passing grade
  2. Become a member of the AAPC and maintain the membership
  3. Obtain two or more years of experience in medical coding
  4. Showcase sufficient knowledge regarding current healthcare and technology by submitting a minimum of 36 continuing education units every two years after getting verification.

Tips on passing the CPC exam with flying colors from experts

  • Time yourself as you attempt each column and prioritize attempting the questions you know first. Go back to the ones you are unsure of so you don’t waste time contemplating.
  • Get the AAPC practice exams to prepare sufficiently beforehand. This will help you manage your time because you will be attempting the test in its own format.
  • Most people who pass the exam the first time around suggest getting good at the process of elimination. This will be easier if you have a good grasp on the subject material itself.
  • Check out the official AAPC site for more tips and tricks!


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