ECare Behavioral Health Institute Newsletter

E-Care Behavioral Health Institute Newsletter


For more than 4 years, E-Care Counseling has provided counseling services for mental health and addiction, and initiated continuing education opportunities for clinicians. The support received by the company has been tremendous. Therefore, to expand our capacity to help, we’ve launched E-Care Behavioral Health Institute ( – a new and improved website where you can find a vast resource of webinars aimed to provide convenient and economical opportunities for more learning for mental health professionals.


What’s In There For Me?

Are you a clinician who wants to expand their horizons and gain new skills? Are you a counselor who wants to help clients more by learning new counseling techniques? Are you someone currently working on your dream to pass the AADC/NCE/ CS-I/CSAC test? If you’re one of the above, E-Care Behavioral Institute is here to help you. Check out some of the services offered by our website.


Live Webinars

Not a big fan of travelling long distances just to attend trainings and lectures? We got you. With our live webinars, you can attend lectures, explore new lessons, and sign up for new learning experiences at the comfort of your home! With lessons conducted by trusted professionals and experienced doctors, our live webinars provide economic opportunities for learning – you no longer have to worry about travel and accommodation expenses.

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