June Live Interactive Webinars

June is another month of learning new things and upgrading skills. If becoming a better counselor who understands clients better is on your list this month, subscribe to E-Care Behavioral and Health Institute live webinars.

This June, we will tackle topics revolving around issues like depression in men, eating disorders, counseling based on various cultures, and the integral view of relational trauma. The exciting discussions don’t stop there – check out the full list of offerings this month and what you can learn from each of them.

Men and Depression: Symptoms and Identification Strategies to Assist in Healing

With this live webinar, you can dive deeper and learn more about the often undiscussed depression among the male population. Correct care and approaches will also be tackled here.

Multicultural Counseling

A helpful webinar especially for counselors, psychologists, and clinicians who deal with culturally-diverse set of clients. Participants will be introduced to the significance of cultural makeup to a plethora of problems.

Eating Disorders: Assessment, Treatment, and Ethical Issues

Gain new insights on how to treat eating disorders – a common problem that exist in adolescents and adults. Discover new approaches and techniques on how to address this concern with this educational webinar.

Relational Trauma: An Integral View

As a clinician, improving the integral view can help you understand and address trauma better. Join this webinar and learn how to explain, treat, and relate to relational trauma.

A Holistic Approach to Anxiety Treatment

Register to this webinar to learn more about the prevalent mental health diagnosis known as anxiety. With this live discussion, you’ll be able to identify the symptoms of this diagnosis, and how it affects various populations differently. Included here are suggested to holistic treatment plans to address anxiety symptoms.

Brain’s Role in Alcohol Use Disorder

This webinar aims for social workers, counselors, and clinicians understand the DSM-V criteria for a diagnosis of AUD as well as key epidemiological points regarding persons diagnosed with AUD. You will also understand the relationship between the brain and alcohol addiction.

Spirituality in Treatment: The Missing Puzzle Piece

This Interactive Presentation  will discuss the different applications of Spirituality in treatment for various clinical disorders assisting  the clinician towards successful holistic resolution. It will provide case studies that illustrate using the attained skills in treatment and will give instructions in developing an Individualized Spiritual History that can be used in developing the client  treatment plan for goals and objectives.

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An interactive webinar that will assist clinicians and treatment providers with ideas that can allow them to interact with their patients better.Proper, effective actions in the journey of intake and orientation will also be discussed here.