The Different Types of Specialized Counseling Certifications

If you’re a mental health counselor, obtaining a specialized certification is an effective way to enhance your career prospects and personal development. When it comes to counseling certifications, mental health professionals have a variety of options available, including certification in contemporary theory in addictive behavior and national certified counselor.

The Different Types of Specialized Counseling Certifications

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates, the employment for counselors practicing in mental health, behavioral disorders, and substance abuse is expected to see a 22% growth between 2018 and 2028, which is much than average for all other occupations.

If you’re seeking a certification in counseling, the options you have include:

Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor

The prerequisites for obtaining the certification for a clinical mental health counselor include completion of an educational program that involves coursework related to clinical treatment and diagnosis, advanced clinical skills, and couples or family counseling. The other things applicants must have include endorsement from a professional colleague, supervised clinical experience, and having passed the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination.

Contemporary Theory in Family and Couple Systems

The reinforcement of previous education or the initial training in the field of family and couple therapy is provided by a certificate of graduation in contemporary theory in family and couple systems. Then, the student has to take courses on therapy methods for couples and families, family systems theory, and human development since it’s relevant in professional counseling.

Contemporary Theory in Addictive Behavior

The prerequisites for this specialized certification include the applicant having a certificate of graduation in contemporary theory in addictive behavior –which provides them with a solid foundation in compulsive behaviors, substance abuse, and addiction. The coursework completed for a certificate of graduation towards a master’s degree can be applied by the student at a later point.

National Certified Counselor

In order to become a national certified counselor, you need to demonstrate that you meet high standards of experience, education, examinations, ethics, and supervision. Individuals who possess this certification can use their NCC credentials to obtain discounted liability insurance and for marketing purposes.


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