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Brittany A. Johnson, LMHC

Brittany A. Johnson is an exceptional Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a passion for helping others heal from trauma and improve their mental health. With a private practice based in Southern Indiana, she is an expert in several trauma modalities, including racial trauma and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), for which she is also an Approved Consultant.

Starting her career working with adults diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses, Brittany’s passion for helping children and families led her to work with juveniles in the juvenile justice system and Child Protective Services. Realizing that the most effective way to help these children was by treating their parents’ mental health and improving their parenting skills, Brittany returned to working exclusively with adults, helping them heal from childhood trauma that affected their ability to parent effectively.

Brittany’s unwavering dedication to transforming people’s mindsets and relationships with mental health and healing led her to create LifesavHer. This brand includes a popular podcast, courses, and a private community for women who are ready to heal from past trauma and hurts.

Brittany is also the author of the book, Get Out of Your Own Way, 21 Days to Stop Self Sabotage. Her book and career principles have helped countless people improve their mental health journey.

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