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Dr. Amber Elizabeth Gray

Dr. Amber Elizabeth L. Gray is a Dance/Movement Therapist, Somatic & Human Rights Psychotherapist, and long-time yoga and Continuum teacher who works with survivors of war, torture, human rights abuses and historical trauma and oppression in the US and in active and post conflict zones, refugee camps, and disasters.  Equally activist, artist, advocate, author, and therapist, her clinical, healing, educational and organizational work endeavors to promote reciprocity and empowerment and incite meaningful change. She brings her Polyvagal, Heart & Spirit-informed Right to Embody somatic human rights framework and Body of Change eco-somatic regenerative retreats to communities of therapists, artists, global citizens, and change makers worldwide.

Amber originated Polyvagal-informed Somatic & Dance/Movement Therapy through 25 years of immersive mentoring and exploration of Polyvagal Theory.  This work is a survivor-centered, multi-cultural & social justice framework that reflects many years of grounded theory co-inquiry with her clients to understand how Polyvagal Theory promotes restoration and healing in the body-heart- mind-spirit for survivors of egregious human rights violations.

She has been teaching this work globally since 2003 and publishes about it frequently. Her book, Polyvagal-informed Somatic Psychotherapies for Trauma: Roots, Rhythm, Reciprocity & Clinical Work is scheduled to be published by Norton in 2024.

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