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Dr. Peter Addy, PhD, LPC, LMHC

Dr. Peter H. Addy is an expert in the field of psychedelic substances and states of consciousness. With 15 years of experience, Dr. Addy has established himself as an authority on the transformative effects of transcendence and wholeness.

Dr. Addy received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology, where he conducted one of the earliest studies on the atypical psychedelic plant Salvia divinorum in humans. He continued his research at Yale University, where he co-founded the Yale Psychedelic Science Group and studied other atypical psychedelics. Dr. Addy’s expertise extends to substance use disorder treatment, having completed postdoctoral training in the field.

In addition to his academic credentials, Dr. Addy has also traveled to Mexico to learn about the indigenous use of psychedelic plants and participated in non-directive harm reduction and integration training at Burning Man. Dr. Addy’s knowledge and expertise have led him to become a highly sought-after speaker and presenter, having given talks internationally on a range of topics related to spirituality, transpersonal states, psychedelic science, and research methodology.

Dr. Addy is also an accomplished writer, having authored numerous scientific articles, book chapters, and popular press articles on typical and atypical psychedelics, substance abuse, and spirituality. He currently practices as a psychotherapist in private practice in both Washington and Oregon, where he continues to apply his knowledge and expertise to help others achieve transformative experiences.


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