Dr. Sherrie All

Dr. Sherrie All is a renowned neuropsychologist, speaker, and writer whose expertise in the principles of neuroscience, functional neuroanatomy, and diagnostics provides her with a unique perspective on the correlation between mental health disorders, therapeutic approaches, and the underlying brain mechanisms.

As the owner of the Chicago Center for Cognitive Wellness, Dr. All combines her extensive background in cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) with mindfulness techniques, motivational interviewing, and dynamic interpretations to help her clients manage depression, stress, anxiety, mental illness, and cognitive challenges. She is passionate about helping individuals achieve optimal cognitive functioning and overall well-being and is dedicated to empowering her clients to take charge of their mental health.

Dr. All received her Ph.D. in neuropsychology from Rosalind Franklin University and has specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of neurological and psychological conditions. She brings her detailed understanding of the brain to uniquely address the needs of people with traumatic brain injuries, dementia, and other conditions.

Dr. All is a sought-after speaker and writer, sharing her expertise in neuroscience and neuropsychology with a wide range of audiences. Her work is informed by the latest research in the field, and she is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of cognitive wellness.

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