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Jay Ostrowski, MA, NCC, LPC-S, ACS, BC-TMH

Jay Ostrowski, MA, NCC, LPC-S, ACS, BC-TMH, is an expert in the rapidly expanding field of telebehavioral health and tele-supervision. As the CEO of Behavioral Health Innovation, he has dedicated himself to helping companies establish and implement telebehavioral health and tele-supervision programs, working closely with organizations such as SAMHSA, HRSA, universities, state governments, and healthcare organizations to advance the field.

Jay’s extensive knowledge and expertise have been instrumental in the development of the Telebehavioral Center of Excellence for the University of Virginia, where he serves as the founder and creator. He is also the creator of the Board Certification in Telemental Health, which provides critical credentialing for healthcare providers practicing in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field.

Jay’s pioneering efforts extend beyond training and certification programs to the development of peer-reviewed courses and telehealth software platforms. He has designed and developed 12 such platforms to date, and his courses provide critical guidance and knowledge to professionals seeking to provide effective telebehavioral healthcare services.

As a research partner with Harvard Medical School, Jay is at the forefront of the ever-changing state license requirements for eight healthcare professions across all U.S. states and DC. He serves as the go-to person for the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center for Telemental Health and Telebehavioral Health training and consultations, providing vital guidance to individuals and organizations seeking to stay at the forefront of the rapidly advancing field of telebehavioral health. Connect with Jay Ostrowski on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on his latest work and insights.

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