Joni Gilbertson, MA, NCC LMHC, BCTMH, CTMH

Joni Gilbertson, MA, NCC LMHC, BCTMH, CTMH is a Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider, Board-certified Telemental Health Provider, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and the originator of the 2-day Telemental Health Certification. Joni is also the author of the book Telemental Health, An Essential Guide for Providing Successful Online Therapy. She designed and instructed seventeen mental health and legal issues classes for the Sociology department at
Illinois Central College, where she was presented with the award for “Teachers who make a difference” due to her engaging and dynamic style of teaching.

Joni has a diverse background working with the criminal population for over twenty-five years, and twenty plus years’ experience providing adult, individual, couple, and family therapy through her private practice as well as in the prison system and in schools. As Chief of Probation, she was responsible for designing and training staff members on topics such as law
and ethics, suicide awareness, personality disorders, substance use disorders, motivational interviewing, and safety strategies.

Joni also has experience supervising mental health staff within a hospital setting and interns within her private practice.
Joni regularly uses telemental health counseling to work with many populations and finds it clinically beneficial for her client’s welfare. She started one of the first telehealth programs for court-ordered clients and has over fifteen years of experience using video sessions with clients. It has been said by participants of her seminars that she makes learning an enjoyable experience
with her passion for the use of technology in mental health.